About the brand

Louvini Paris is a French brand that creates fashion accessories for technological products. The brand was founded by Julia Bouchery in 2019 with the desire to make technology "portable".

“Technical devices keep our secrets and know more about us than our closest friends and families. However, the way we transport and protect them is often only functional. The idea was to create accessories that enhance the way we live with our technology, like an extension of us. It's about doing more with less by adding smart functionality to small, everyday accessories.

Louvini means being free to do what you want, with style and elegance. It's almost wearing a technical device like a piece of jewelry,” Julia.

Louvini was born from a passion for products that are both useful and stylish, combining the best materials, functional design and refined details. We pay attention to detail and won't release a product until it meets our expectations in terms of design and functionality, 50:50 - no compromises.

Turn your technical devices into useful fashion accessories that simplify and beautify your life. Also, why not adapt their looks according to your mood, your outfit or your schedule? We believe that functional items can be personalized with stories that express something about us as individuals.


The majority of our products are made in Europe. True to our values, we aim to do things right and build lasting relationships with our suppliers and partners. We use supple Italian cowhide leather certified according to the Eco UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard. Our metal parts, chains and wooden beads come from small Italian suppliers and our cord shoulder straps are EU Oeko-tex 100 certified.

LOUVINI creations are models registered with the competent authorities, in order to preserve their identity and allow us to always continue to innovate for you!


All our products are designed with passion by our team in our Parisian premises, constantly looking for new products capable of bringing together style, quality and practicality.